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Why Engineering Innovations?

The Origin of engineering innovations can be traced back to mythological time, wherein we have a mythological answer for every question. Then we had theological answer. Then logical reasoning of physical events lead to philosophy to explain nature and thus the philosophical answers. After that the scientific reasoning, testing facts by observation and testing started the scientific quest. The science diverged into physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics. The application of science started the Engineering Innovations. We had Civil, mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering, Now we have more core and interdisciplinary Engineering disciplines. Now, We are at cross roads, where in developments in Nano, Bio, Info and Cognitive science started the convergence of difference disciplines. In our opinion, this convergence will enable emergence of new disciplines to solve our future problems, innovatively.

  • If we look around, all that we use are due to Engineering Innovations!
  • Innovations moved us ahead of the prime mates.
  • Innovation is a vital tool for productivity, growth and prosperity,
  • Engineering is the process of converting invention or ideas to Innovation or viable products.
  • ATOA’s Engineering innovation is to proliferate open and proprietary inventions, leveraging Multiphysics CAE simulations.


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